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Delivery Time: ca. 10 workdays
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Megasorb Vitamin B-Complex Solgar

If you care about your health and want products that offer protection and wellness, buy Megasorb Vitamin B-Complex Solgar and many other products Solgar at the best prices!

  • Suitable for:
    • Non-vegetarians
    • Vegan
  • Properties:
    • No artificial colourings
    • Gluten-free
    • Lactose free
    • Dairy free
    • No preservatives
    • Wheat free
    • Yeast free
    • No artificial flavours
    • Pork free
  • Dose: 1/day
  • Beneficial effects:
    • Stimulates intellectual performance
    • Energy boost
  • Ingredients:
    • Vitamin B
    • Folic Acid
  • Type: Vitamins
  • Format: Tablets
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100 tablets, 50 Tablets


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