Payment Methods

Payment types

We offer you the following payment types. Simply browse the list for the best payment type for you. Shipping costs may vary depending on the payment type selected. The prices given in the respective offers are final and include all price components (including any applicable tax such as value-added tax (VAT)). Other taxes (e.g. those applicable to intra-Community purchases) and/or duties (e.g. customs duty) are only incurred in connection with cross-border transactions and are payable to the respective customs and/or tax authorities and not the vendor. The costs of shipping and delivery are not included in the purchase price and can be viewed on the “Shipping costs” page. They are indicated separately during the order process and to be paid by you in addition to the purchase price.

Smaller Door-to Door orders:

Debit & Credit card

Hassle-free credit card payment with Stripe

Payment in advance by Bank transfer

Please transfer the total amount due to our account.

Larger, mostly extra sourced quantities:

Terms and Conditions for Purchases:
10% deposit to reserve the merchandise or payment by escrow account
A Facetime video can be arranged to visit this warehouse and see the merchandise.
Final Payment after reception of all due diligence papers, authorisation for sales, logistics information, final packing list and final invoice from the supplier.

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